Letter to the People of Seattle

You know me as a man of action and you'll agree that our local City officials need to get their act together.  Last winter there were earnest meetings about a support-our-troops resolution by the City Council.  Yet it took so long to pass, the approval coincided with a Pentagon announcement that serious fighting in Iraq had ceased. (see Joel Connolly - Seattle PI) Another divisive debate raged over a bike trail in Ballard.  A bike trail that has no funding.

The Council does indeed address real problems facing Seattle.  These issues are demanding enough in the difficult economic times we face today.   Surely an extra effort should be made to steer clear of sideshows of no consequence. (see Why We Need a New City Council)

When I served on the Monorail Board, we kept things moving forward on crucial issues. We had a mission statement, an agenda, and a successful way of doing business that allowed us to thrive in the face of City Hall opposition.  We were granted $200,000 for our first year of operation which we stretched out to continue for two years.  This is the kind of drive needed on the City Council.

During my six years of voluntary service as a Monorail Board member, I did not miss a single meeting.  It is this stick-to-it spirit that we need from our City Council.  Together we should take the necessary time to examine and determine what are the major problems facing Seattle, name them and prioritize them.  The City Council should be realistic as to how much money the public can afford to spend.  Only after we identify the problems, place them in perspective with fiscal reality, and figure out what solutions we can afford - only then can we begin to solve our problems.

Thank you for helping make Seattle better - together.


-- Dick Falkenbury

Dick Falkenbury for Seattle | 2518 South Brandon Court, Seattle, Washington 98108