Picture of Dick Dick Falkenbury grew up in Seattle and attended Roosevelt High, graduating in 1971.  After earning a bachelor's degree from WWU, he returned to Seattle where he immediately became involved in the affairs of his city.  While in high school he served on the Mayor's Advisory Committee on Sand Point.  At Dick's insistence storage facilities and other buildings were spared from the bulldozer and are still being used in what is today Magnuson Park. (see also -- A Tree Grows In Seattle)

As a charter member of the citizen's committee that created the Burke- Gilman trail, Dick also served on the Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Committee during the 80's.  Throughout this time and into the next decade he was also a commercial driver, handling cabs, busses, and tours.  He has driven on nearly every road, street, and byway in Seattle over the course of the years.

In 1996 the first Sound Transit proposal lost at the polls and Dick felt there was an obvious alternative that was receiving no attention: the monorail.  He wrote the first monorail initiative immediately thereafter and with only a handful of volunteers, very little money, and without the backing of any big company saw the monorail pass with a powerful endorsement from Seattle voters.

For the next six years Dick served unpaid on the Monorail Board - missing not a single meeting in all that time.  After the City Council repealed the monorail, Seattle voters once again gave their endorsement at the polls to a second initiative.  A third successful vote just last year to begin monorail construction is yet another sign that Dick Falkenbury recognized just what Seattle wanted - then worked with others to make it happen.

He is honored to serve the city he loves.

You can contact Dick at [email protected]

Dick Falkenbury for Seattle | 2518 South Brandon Court, Seattle, Washington 98108