"Father of city's new-monorail movement says he wants to revive can-do attitude"
Seattle Times - 9/5/03

Dick Falkenbury has a vision

"It's that network approach to transportation that made us think about what Dick Falkenbury had to say the other day. He's been searching for a way to recycle the old Monorail system --somewhere-- instead of just demolishing it. One suggestion is the new South Lake Union loop. We like this creative thinking..."
Seattle PI, August 7, 2003

"He's about the most honest guy you would ever want to meet...
Nobody will work harder than Dick Falkenbury."
Tom Carr, Seattle City Attorney

"Dick has an incredibly creative mind."
Tom Weeks, Seattle Monorail Project (SMP) Board Chairman

"Falkenbury--speaking without the benefit of a microphone or a script--has quietly dominated campaign events, winning sincere applause and even, at a forum held by Northwest Seattle Democrats in Ballard two weeks ago, one amen."
The Stranger

dedication Dick served as a volunteer on the monorail board for six years - and never missed a single monthly board meeting.
integrity When Dick and fellow board members traveled to other cities to see monorails in an urban setting, they paid their own way.
more with less The City Council gave the first monorail agency $200,000 to last for one year - and they used that money to survive for two years instead.
responsible When Seattle taxpayers gave the second monorail agency money, the ETC did the job on-time and under-budget.
They actually returned(!) $300,000 to taxpayers.
accountable The monorail is one of those rare public works projects that is on-time and on-budget - always has been and is today.

It's time for Seattle to be the future, again!

Dick Falkenbury for Seattle
2518 South Brandon Court
Seattle, Washington 98108

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